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    Code XI + 9900K undevolt setup

    Just finished putting my CPU in that finally arrived. I am running out of the box Asus settings, except for specifying 2666 for the RAM, and X4 for the NVME's.

    Sitting here 30 minutes into a test Handbrake 4K HEVC encode, looking at 4722MHz across all cores, 185watt package power draw, with VCORE in the 1.2v range. Temps are hovering in the low to mid 80C's, and that is with a Macho RT 250watt TDP air cooler, 3x 120mm intake/1x 120mm exhaust fan setup in a mesh front RL06 case...all locked at max RPM.

    Would anyone be interested in suggesting some settings changes int he BIOS that may help me out a bit? Assume I am OK with 80C for an hour or so while banging out HEVC transcodes in between playing Forza. Wondering if there might be a way to undervolt this a bit while preserving the current stock 4.7GHz turbo across all cores. Unfortunately for my experience level, it's not as simple as just lowering a single value, so I will get lost in the settings pretty easily without suggestions.


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    Hello Paul.

    Why is it not as simple as reducing the voltage on the vcore?

    Try dropping vcore by one increment at a time, use the minus key on your keyboard while in bios. Then do your stability test and see how it goes.

    Folks over complicate things way to much, just because there is a bios option in the voltage section, or any other section for that matter does not mean there is any need to change it.

    Your system is running nearly exactly the same as mine TDP wise at stock by the way.
    To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

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