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    Asus Strix Soar NoT detected Cold BOOT

    Hi all, as the title I have a problem with my sound card asus strix soar, when cold boot is not detected the card, you need a windows reboot to see the card.

    Until last week everything was all right, suddenly it has this cold boot problem.
    You hear the relay (click click) only on reboot, coem if the bios does not initialize the sound card, if I go on windows management devices marks the error 45 hw not inserted correctly, obviously disappears on reboot.

    My motherboard is the ASUS HERO X z370 with a 8700k mounted.

    I have owned the strix soar for two and a half years and never a problem.

    What can it be? Quick start deactivated by both bios and windows.

    Please help me

    Excuse me for English, I'm Italian I helped with google translator

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