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    Unable to register my promo code [Resolved]

    Hello ASUS! I bought a ASUS ROG monitor and got a promotional code. (Printed on the receipt).
    I went to the site for registration in the Nordic Region which is as follows: (I live in Norway).

    I have entered ALL the required information and tripple checked every detail to make sure everything
    is correct. But when I get to the page where you choose Product and then enter Serial Number, I get an
    error message stating: "Please enter a valid serial number".

    As I said, I have checked many times that I am entering the correct product and serial number, but the
    registration fails every time.

    Please help!

    Thank you in advance.

    Decided to try one more time and for some reason the registration now completed and I have received my
    activation code and have Call of Duty installed on my!

    Thank you for quick fix Asus!
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