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    1080ti ROG declined warranty

    I bought an 1080ti ASUS ROG about 14 months ago. Couple a weeks ago my PC screen went dark, not reacting to anythig and GPU fans start running @ 100%. Had to force restart PC. I could not connect the GPU to other PC or slot, but I did installed other HDD with other Windows, updated the drivers and same issue happened. So I decided to give it for service. During first time when it happened I was not sure if it's the GPU fan or CPU. So I put my hand down from GPU to feel if the air is blowing and accidently touched the fan, and cause it was running @ 100% on one fan broke to blades. Well, not a problem I thought, cause the issue with GPU started before the fan blades got broken, so it's not causing the GPU to stopp working. The warranty guy will run test, then figure it out what is causing the problem and fix it. Maybe ASUS will ask me to pay for replaced fan, if there will be a need to replace it, which is OK, cause I did broke it by accident. After 2,5 weeks my card came back with declined warranty, cause the two blades were broken, there was a list with photo of missing blades and arrows pointing at them, like if I did not see it before. They did not even ran any tests, they just opened the box, saw that two blades are missing, removed my warranty from card and sent it back to me. It is not what I was expecting from and ASUS ROG product. For example how Apple works - if there is some part, that needs to be replaced by warranty, but there is damage to iPhone screen, they just ask you to pay for new screen and warranty goes on. They don't remove your warranty from the device if there is any damage done to an iPhone, only unles it's splited in few separate parts. Even sometimes, when AASP finds some damage on an iPhone and declines warranty service, AppleCare can review such case and take customer side, that the damage was not caused by customer and fix the device without any extra payment. But I guess ASUS does not care about customer, apperantly ASUS only cares about how to remove warranty from the product. I contacted ASUS support, thinging that they will look into my situatuion, cause as I mentioned before, the damage to the fan was cause after the GPU stopped working and it's just two missing blades from one fan, it's not like I dropped the video card and it's bend now. But they also told me, that warranty is declined and removed from my GPU. When I asked them how can two missing blades on a fan cause the GPU to stop working completely and force to the fans to run @ 100%, they advised me to make an independent expertise of GPU and send documents to them. And even if I will find someone who will do it, I am not sure that it will change anything. They still can tell after - Well, the damage was still done to the card, so no warranty for you.

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