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    USB issues with z390 F gaming


    at first, i'm sorry for my english. i hope i can explain my issue so that someone can help me.

    since i bought a new F gaming z390 motherboard i have a lot of trouble with USB.

    when i have 4-5 devices on the usb ports, there is a warning coming up in windows that says: "Not enough USB controller ressources".

    the 2nd problem i got is that my usb-microphone has a very bad quality while speaking in teamspeak / discord or whatever. it sounds like garbage. but when i put on my usb-mic to my laptop, the quality is fine as usual. so I think there must be a big problem with something concerning the usb connection on my motherboard.

    and before someone ask:
    yes, all drivers a up to date.
    and yes, its a fresh windows installation.

    some infos:
    i9 9900k
    32gb 3200 ram
    1x nvme 970 evo + 3 SSD

    would be great if somebody has got a solution
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