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    2080 Ti Strix owners: Beware of Bitspower Strix block

    I purchased a block designed for the 2080 Ti Strix (it's also compatible with the 2080 Strix) from Bitspower and it seems to have some sort of design flaw, as my temperatures are very bad given my loop configuration.

    Loop order is as follows: Reservoir -> D5 pump -> D5 pump -> BP Strix block -> EK Supremacy Evo -> 480mm rad -> 480mm rad

    Note that the radiators are both Black Ice Nemesis 480 GTXs, which are among the best radiators out there. The two D5s are overkill for this setup, but they were used when I had a 420mm rad also in the loop (will go back in shortly). For the test I'm running the rad fans at 100 percent (2000 RPM) and the pumps at 100 percent. The GPU is not manually overclocked for this test and all sliders (power and voltage) are left at stock settings.

    Stress test used: Unigine Heaven max settings at 720p (so I could see hwmonitor on the same screen)
    Fluid temp at idle: 24C
    GPU temp at idle: 27C
    Steady state fluid temp at full GPU load: 26C
    Max GPU temp at full load: 43C

    With a more realistic fan speed of 800RPM, the full load max temp for the GPU is 48C. With a mild overclock, over 50C is observed. Also note that some stress tests will push the GPU further, such as TimeSpy. The TimeSpy stress test saw a peak of 50C at stock settings, 800RPM on the rad fans.

    I have re-applied the thermal paste 3 times (Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut) and the thermal pads are placed exactly as shown in the instructions. My Titan X Pascal with an EK block in the same loop doesn't even pass 31C in the same exact scenaro while overclocked to the max and with a shunt mod.

    In conclusion, I think there is something off about Bitspower's block for this card. The block for the reference 2080 Ti does not appear to suffer the same issue, as suggested by a few people at OCN. My recommendation is to stay away from this block unless the aesthetics are worth more than cooling potential.
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