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    Quote Originally Posted by x-rated View Post
    if voltage drops from 1,359 to 1,344 with LLC 5, then it is not full load
    and XTU is not super stressing AVX benchmark
    try latest prime95 with avx enabled (by default) and run small FFTs for at least an hour
    Load Line Calibration is there to balance Vdroop, which is a voltage drop when the cpu is under full load. 9700k is known for a high Vdroop given full 8 cores. LLC5 calibrates the load line for the smallest Vdroop and the closest voltage under load compared to normal operation. In my case, LLC6 overshoots the voltage to 1.38~ territory, which is something that I really do not want. At the same time LLC4 drops it down too much. The goal here is to have control over voltage in all load stages. Also, Adaptive mode nicely regulates everything based on load and during gaming (BO4), I see 1.25v, due to the cpu not being fully loaded.

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