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  • Ship them in a roll of bounty

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  • Unroll it first then simply wrap item

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  • Ensure package is in the most easily breakable storing space

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  • Just stop

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  • A box, with bubble wrap

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    Angry Hi you shipped my ROG gaminf mobile desktop in either toilet paper or a microwave

    Hey guys super stoked about getting my Asus Gaming phone and the additional accessories. Kinda bummed me out of though when I used the 300+ desk dock for a night, go to put my phone back on the dock and it doesn't _ Te dock- light up. At all ��️��✋�� its a lot of fun waiting months to receive your order and have its innards dissapate probably due to the mild room temp and the one time I took it out of the box and placed it on my desk. I mean c'mon what else could've happened?day 1, eh maybe 2. Plug goes in, display port from the. ......Back of the dock goes in, then into a monitor, obviously. Displays fine. Key mapping things plugged in power cord, keyboard and mouse. Oh and I almost forgot the thing it displays in, and the cord that does that. Hm so 1 2 3 4 and let's even count the phone but. Andggravated it's the holidays, I ordered another dock since from my first experience of this gentleman not wanting to listen to my situationans hanging up on me that itd be a good month before I saw it in again. help? Yes? No? Support? Lol <~~~ k talk ya soon have a happy Thanksgiving your customers broken products that take years to obtain day .
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