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    ROG Guru: White Belt Array spartan_hoplite PC Specs
    spartan_hoplite PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)ROG G21CX Huracan
    MotherboardZ390 ROG G21CX
    ProcessorIntel Core i9 9900k
    Memory (part number)32gb DDR4
    Graphics Card #1ASUS RTX 2080 Turbo
    MonitorROG PG27vQ
    Storage #1Samsung NvMe 960 500gb + 4 Tb Samsung SSD
    Storage #2Seagate 8 tb Hard Disk Drive
    CaseROG G21CX
    Keyboard ASUS ROG Claymore
    Mouse ASUS ROG Pugio
    OS Windows 10 Pro

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    Nov 2013

    G20 Upgraded with ASUS RTX 2080 Turbo

    Might be helpful so I share it here. I replaced my GTX 1080ti FE 2-weeks ago with Asus RTX 2080 Turbo, it works perfectly with 180+230w bricks, no jumper switch needed.

    In my country this Asus card is really overpriced, it`s around $1200 USD for ASUS RTX 2080 Turbo and $1700 USD for 2080 Ti Turbo, planned to buy the Ti before but I am not sure RTX 2080 Ti will be 100% stable in my G20ci, so I decided to get the non Ti .
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    Tear it Down to replace the thermal Paste
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Name:	20181109_142432.jpg 
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    It`s Binned A chip inside, although this turbo is non OC version.
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    Fit perfectly
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    Manage to OCed this card manualy(not with oc scanner) +200mhz Core and +1000mhz Mem for benchmark test (but for daily used I only used +200mhz core and +500mhz Mem)
    3Dmark Timespy Extreme Score: (10% higher score than Oced GTX 1080Ti)
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    The Conclusion is, the GPU of ASUS ROG G20(that comes with 2 bricks 180+230w) can be upgrade to RTX 2080, but You need to buy the Blower Cooling version like Asus RTX 2080 Turbo, non blower cooling won`t be able to run well with G20. How about Founder Edition RTX 2080? it won`t work, I mean it can run but your GPU and system surely overheated.
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