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    Question PG27UQ HDR Problem (It turns on and off constantly)

    Hello, I bought a new ASUS ROG SWIFT PG27UQ. I have a EVGA Geforce 2080TI ULTRA. As i play games like warframe with HDR enabled in menus, The game will run fine. Randomlly my mintor will go black and a red warning lable telling me HDR has been enabled. Then a minute later it turns off for a sec and turns back on with no label. Then again it turns back on with it being enabled. Same kind of message you get when you alt tab to destop and it tells you the warning mesage for HDR. I found in the monitor menu (Thing you get to with monitor keys on back side) a way to turn off the HDR warning, but then the screen still turns off and then back on during the game the same, just with no red bar showing me the HDR is enabled or disabled. Same problem just no warning bar.

    Is this a known issue. Ive had it with destiny, and Battlefield 5, although in those games it happens like once every 30 minutes and then never again, in warframe its like every 10 sec, and annoying when your in combat.

    PLEASE HELP! i want to use HDR its amazing and i love it!

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