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    Unhappy Fan Xpert 4 GPU temperature

    Hi everyone,

    so I just bought a ROG Strix 2070 OC for my system. Besides I'm using a Strix Z370-F Gaming Mainboard. I'd really like to control the chassis fans via AI Suite 3 using the GPU temperature. Good thing is, I can see the GPU temperature in AI Suite 3. Bad thing: As soon as I choose the GPU temp as source to control the chassis fans, they won't turn up in speed when the GPU gets hot. The nice yellow dot in Fan Xpert 4 shows me, that my GPU temperature is rising but it also shows me, that the fan speed isn't increasing even though it should, according to the fan curve.

    I've heard of one other person having similar problems so I'd like to know if anyone of you is experiencing the same problem. Of course a solution for the problem would also be appreciated

    For your information: I'm using the latest version of AI Suite (Dual Intelligence Processor 5 v 1.06.52) together with the latest BIOS version for my MB and the latest NVIDIA driver for the graphics card.

    Best regards!

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