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    Quote Originally Posted by Nihck5 View Post
    Is the update section of the myASUS app equivalent to what was traditionally the ‘ASUS live update’ app? I can’t find a separate live update app for drivers etc other than the update section of the myASUS app. And that myASUS app always says it has just recently successfully updated the aura service and ASUS promotion app, despite not actually updating anything.
    This MIGHT BE (I ASSUME) problem interconnected with Windows UAC and current mess with 1809 build (bugs etc).
    Probably, app just says that it was successfully installed - but didn't do so because current ASUS driver packages require "Run as administrator" option. The case when cmd windows pop-ups and then vanish. Leaving only junk behind in system folders.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nihck5 View Post
    Will an update to sonic studio fix it’s crash dump issue? Or is the nahimic service the problem?*
    No, it won't. Because Sonic Studio is some kind of interface of Nahimic service. The problem is in Nahimic service itself, in some cases UAC won't let it through. Because it trace calls from audio codec (that's how Sonic studio visualize sound source in games).

    I don't know how actually SCAR II behaves on stock, pre-installed OS -> i'm having FreeDos version, so i install all software by myself.

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