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    Angry Asus RMA hell

    Hello All,

    I wanted to share my story about horrible Asus warranty.
    The monitor that I had bought 11 months ago started have these strange symptoms of getting vertical lines on the left side of the screen time to time.

    Created my first RMA in early October for Asus 27¨MG279Q IPS-Monitor. I got delivered even more broke monitor that didn't even start and had big crack on the left side of the monitor. I created another RMA to Asus after calling customer support.

    This time when I received the second monitor, it had exactly same symptoms as the first monitor (vertical lines on left side). So I called customer support again, they told me that I should create another RMA request. During phone call I asked how many times do I have to do this, because every time they send new monitor I need be able to receive it. That's very troublesome for a working man who doesn't own a car. Answer to my questions was that they are able to do this three times, after that I would get compensated for my troubles.

    I did third RMA and what I received was another broken monitor. This time around I get flashing green horizontal lines. It gets worse every time there's black on top of white. Sometimes even whole screen goes green with lines. I contacted the customer support via phone again. I was told that he will escalate this to higher-level support. But I need to provide the all RMA's along with pictures about the problem. That I did, actually send video footage.

    I got answer to this email, that maybe the problem is my GUI. (REALLY !?!?!)
    Well I provided him proof that it isn't my GUI. Attached the screen to my work laptop and same symptoms were present, thought now they were not that usual.

    Now I haven't heard from Asus support for a week and a half and I have tried to ask are they still working this case. No answer.
    Created a new RMA with full on capslock this time where I explained situation. Haven't heard from that either.

    For my experience about Asus RMA is following, Their Finnish on-call persons are nice and understanding. But that's about it. Asus warranty is horrible.

    What to do now ? Consumer agency ? Any ideas ?

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