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    Unhappy Dual Channel Trident RGB 3600CL18DGTZRX not working with ASUS ROG STRIX X470

    I have a ryzen 2700x with 2 G.Skill trident rgb 3600 cl18 gtzrx (amd compatible) on a motherboard ASUS ROG STrix x470. I have problems with the memory when I place the dimm in A2 B2 positions that are the ones that mark the motherboard as priority. When they are placed in A1 A2 then the computer starts, in SPD or with the XMP profile of 3600Mhz. But when they are in dual channel, be A2 B2 or A1 B1 then the board does not start well. It blocks and fails to make the bios post.
    I have also done several tests. Installing a processor amd ryzen 5 1600 that works in dual channel or changing the voltage of the DDR to 1.365v but in this last case without result. The same as making an underclock to memory.
    I have the last bios 4207.
    Have the same problem happened to someone with similar hardware? Could it be the fault or incompatibility of the Ryzen 2700x IMC or the DIMM channels?
    I read some posts but i don't have a clear idea that what I have to do. Somebody can suggest Memory timmings .
    What is memory interleaving? Can affect the behaviour of dual channel?

    Thanks very much in advance
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