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    Quote Originally Posted by TX2000 View Post
    i ended up replacing the thermal pads with K5-Pro. temps are good so far but not worried if the pad did contact or not. Also i just put the paste in a syringe because that stuff gets everywhere.

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    imo too much is too much, you will se when you take off the heat sink next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tor_Spo View Post
    imo too much is too much, you will se when you take off the heat sink next time.
    i cleaned the excess when i put the heat sink on

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    I replace it with liquid metal (thermal grizzly conducttonaut) and the rest of the fridge: thermal grizzly kryonaut. Thermal conductivity: ~78 W/(m*K) and ~13 W/(m*K). CPU and GPU based on the test program at full load maximum 75-78 °C, without cooling beds. With cooling beds: 73 °C. (100% CPU with 3800 MHz), 100% GPU with 1780 MHz). Far Cry 5: New Dawn full graphics settings used: 70-73 °C. But original thermal paste: 100% CPU with 2400!! MHz cpu clock: 95 °C !!! 1 week used and i need replace first time on kryonaut. 1 year later the video card fan had to be replaced and then I put liquid metal in it.
    The thing is, I used the brown Teflon tape to protect the video card capacitors.
    What I do not understand is why is the cheapest thermal conductive paste placed in such a machine? For the first time, the paste broke properly. It was full of bubble traces.
    Let's say you are not sure if you can replace it with liquid metal, so people would rather use regular paste or have it replaced by a specialist.

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