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    Maximus XI Extreme I/O Shield Preventing Board Installation

    Maximus XI Extreme I/O shield does is not allowing me to install the board in my case. The screw holes are too far towards the front of the case to be able to install a screw in the left middle and top. The shield is what is preventing me from being able to move the board towards the back any further. Have tried two other ATX boards that do not have a pre-installed shield, and they are able to be installed.

    I have not used a board with a pre-installed shield before, so my question is if the small metal lip on the shield that is towards the back of the motherboard should be butted up against the side of the board, or actually slightly over the back of the board? Mine came with it butted up against the side, and this little bit of movement is all I should need to install the board.

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