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    Angry BUYER BEWARE: The last Asus/ROG product I'll ever buy...

    I've loved Asus products since I bought my first laptop. I've had so little problems with them I thought they were as invincible as a 90's nokia phone. Until my first gaming laptop, the GL503V. This laptop was my *baby*. I took extra sweet care of this thing. It had its own stand, hardly ever left my desk at the house... then all of a sudden, out of a clear blue sky, it wouldn't charge. It would cycle between "pluged in" and "battery mode" and wouldn't ever actually charge the battery. I thought, I have cats, it's probably the charger. I got a new charger, double checked that it was the exact same voltage and amperage etc... and it worked... for an hour.
    First thing I did was take it to my local computer repair shop. Who after trying their charges and outlets to no avail, found that it was under warranty. Sweet right? Hahaha, here's were it gets stupid.

    I RMA'd the laptop & charger, got it back, plugged it in all ready to go and... WON'T Charge! Then, I find my data completely gone and Asus as the admin on the OS. Nice!
    I call customer service and the supervisor apologized profusely, told me that they tried changing the battery, then told me to RMA it back to them. That they would express ship it back to me for Asus' mishap. Begrudgingly, I obliged.

    So I RMA it again. Wait 2.5 weeksish. Then I get an email that it has been shipped. I check that tracking number and it's FedEx ground... it'll take a week to get here. So, thanks a lot for that "express" shipping. I called to see if maybe there was a way to upgrade the shipping to what was promised -- they said no. Then I asked the real question:

    "What was fixed on my laptop?"
    Their response?
    They replaced the charger.

    New chargers have already been tried! I'm livid with Asus! I get to wait a week for a laptop I know will still be defective! Or, maybe it'll work for an hour just like the BRAND NEW EXACT TO SPEC one I bought before. Then what I ask? Their reply: I RMA it again. Really? They said that if they can't fix it after the 3rd time they'll give me a refurbished replacement and will warranty *that* for 90 days. Wow, really? A whole 3 months for something that service center who has failed to fix my actual laptop twice, has REFURBISHED? I didn't buy someone else's laptop. I didn't buy a laptop that has been serviced by the very people who are incapable of repairing MY laptop.

    I asked for a corporate number, they outright refused to give me one. I asked for a supervisor above the supervisor, they refused to let me talk to anyone with more authority.

    tldr; Asus SCREWED me. They want me to RMA my laptop over 3 times top get a refurbished replacement with only a 90 day warranty.
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