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    System GD30CI Questions

    Hey Guys & Gals,

    I am very new to ASUS and have some questions about my evil system.

    So I have had the GD30CI for a few months and it has been a nightmare.
    From System restore never working and causing problems even after 7 Factory resets.
    Overheat problems even if I have fan speed set to max.

    So I am not writing for that but for some info that ASUS wont supply me.

    My system will be off warranty in 9 or 10 months.
    But while on Warranty I want to prepare for changes I will be making on the day they system comes off warranty.

    So my questions are as follows, if anyone knows the answers that would be great.

    1) What motherboard is in the system? ASUS wont tell me.

    2) What CPU can the board handle? Currently I7-7700.

    3) What is the max ram the system can handle? Currently 16GB

    4) What speed of RAM can the Mobo handle?

    5) Do the SATA ports handle port multiplier devices? I have some 4 bay Sata housings so will the Sata port handle them.

    6) Can Windows 10 Media Creation tool be used to do a total reinstall of Windows 10 Home OEM 64bit?

    7) How do I tell what size watercooler can fit the case for CPU cooling?

    8) Could a 1600watt power supply fit the case?

    9) Is there a manual out there for the motherboard alone? ASUS say I cant have a MOBO manual or know what model it is.
    They also say they can't help with upgrading even thou I am not asking them to.

    I think that is everything I would like to know if anyone knows.

    Thanks in advance

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