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    Problems when waking up after sleep mode

    Hi guys

    Ive ran recently in to some problems with my asus g750.
    After performing a clean format, my sleep mode is really weird.*
    When waking up after sleep mode, i see the windows splash, login screen, homepage.
    But when i see the homepage, all my apps incl documents are shut down and needs to be restarted.*
    Chrome gives me an notification: recover your tabs, discord rebooting, some of my programs(office365) could not be located anymore.

    Ive tried:
    Another clean format(bootable usb)
    Hibernation settings off*
    Instructions on powermenu/ lid changes,...
    Restorehealth/ scan options in cmd
    Device manager adjustments for the intel management system*
    Disabled secure boot, enabled cmr
    Contacted asus live chat —> no solution

    I am kinda desperate, it started so suddenly after the clean format. Can anyone help me with this?

    Running windows 10 home on a samsung evo850.
    Bios upgraded to last version (has anyone good bios settings?)

    Thank you in advance******

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