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    Mobo/CPU fan RGB not responding with Strix Z370-E

    I am running the newest version of AURA, and it controls my ram lighting just fine, but wont control my mobo or fan lighting like it used to. The mobo RGB doesn't turn on at all, and the CPU fan is stuck in white. The "mainboard" part in AURA does show up though. The lighting used to work fine, but my computer recently lost power while running, and the rgb has been acting up since. I have flashed the BIOS to the newest version, done the CMOS reset by shorting the pins indicated in the user manual, and un/re-installed AURA. Are there any other steps that could be taken before an RMA? This is what my BIOS screen shows. On the boot after flashing the new bios, there was a LED EC2 version, but that seems to have since disappeared.

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