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    All RGB headers on z370e not working

    Hi here,
    Made a post a long time ago on this topic and I’ve had some developments since then.

    I own a ROG Z370e motherboard, and all rgb headers and onboard lighting are completely dead. I was offered an RMA from support, but I’m seeing if I can fix this rather then send my motherboard away for 2 weeks.

    My AURA software detects the motherboard, RAM, and RGB strips when they are plugged in, but cannot control the motherboard or rgb strips. I’ve checked the cable below the IO shroud, but that is securely in place.

    Some steps I’ve taken to try and fix this:
    1. Reinstall different versions of AURA
    2. Use Aura Cleaner in between installs
    3. Clear CMOS
    4. Flash bios back to 2 versions before and work my way back
    5. Call support

    Any help would be appreciated!*

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    I have the same problem..are you manage to fix it?

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