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    Unhappy ROG STRIX x399-E booting painfully slow

    Hello everybody!

    Mainboard: ROG STRIX x399-E
    CPU: AMD Ryzen TR 1950X
    RAM: 2x 16GB @3000MHz
    SSD (OS):970EVO 500GB
    SSD (Data): 960EVO 250GB
    Ext. HDD (Data): Seagate USB 3.0 3TB
    GPU: Asus GeForce 1080

    When booting up the Computer (AC was off before) it takes about 30-40 seconds to boot into the windows login screen.
    Only setting I've changes is the RAM Profile which is set to XMP-Profile (3000MHz), default was 2333Mhz.
    Once booted the system is fast and has no issues. When turning on the Computer I get the very fist beep sounds 15 secounds after I pressed the button, my old systemen needed 3 seconds to do this.

    I would very much appriciate any advise if possible.

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