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    Quote Originally Posted by Schlumpf View Post
    I always shutdown the computer completely, there is no option for me to use sleep mode since I plug out the cord everytime I am not on my computer.
    Why on earth do you do that?
    POST from cold boot (entirely powerless) takes longer, if you have RAM OC it will also do a soft reboot after initial memory training.

    Motherboards with lots of features/components take a long time to POST.. I assume you have never worked with real servers (including blade servers) who can take a loong time to POST if you have RAID cards and SAN with multipath connected to them.

    In other news: My laptop, Acer Predator PH517-61 with Ryzen 7 2700 is really quick in POST (hibernation and quickboot disabled). Laptops are quicker to boot, and at the same time much more limited in comparison.

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    Ahh okay I understand.

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