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    ASUS GX501 //keyboard and the lights problems


    I have a ASUS GX501 (Zephyrus) laptop bought about 8 mouths ago.
    OS Win10/64 bit

    Few days ago I started to have the following problems:

    - all the lights are off (start button, keyboard, pad, air vents). Is on only the status led. The start button is working, the keyboard no.
    - the keyboard is not working (in BIOS and in Windows) but the PAD is working in both)
    (Who don't know the model should to know that is a button who make the change between Pad and the right numbers. So the Pad works but the numbers don't.)
    -I cannot to switch between keyboard numbers and PAD, so only the PAD works
    -The keyboard drivers works fine, I uninstall them and the system was able to install them back
    -I can use a USB keyboard
    -The diagnose program show me a large number of failure for a program named Auralisten.exe
    - I never update myself BIOS (I have the laptop since March 2018) but now I can see my BIOS version as 903.
    The version is since 10.09.2018 which means a program upgrade it automatically and without my permission.

    Any help will be useful. Anybody had this issues? The Asus support is a bad joke.

    Thank you
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