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    Quote Originally Posted by deksman2 View Post
    Hm... if you want to migrate your OS to the SSD, the procedure should be the same, however, bear in mind that by doing so, you might have to partition the SSD into C and D drive... so you would migrate the 256GB SSD contents onto the 2TB C partition, and repeat the migration of installs, games, etc. to the D partition.

    Also you might have to switch the bootable drive to SSD... but if you remove the M.2 ssd and just use the SATA ssd, it should be the only drive available.

    Some game installations etc. recognise being installed onto specific HDD etc. so migration or copying them onto the SSD might not be doable... in which case you might have to do a reinstall.

    As I said, I'm not an expert on this, but migration/cloning would usually do the trick in most cases.

    As for other options for 2TB SSD's besides Crucial... none that I know of which are affordable.
    Crucial seems to be the only cheapest option on the market (as far as I know) that offers similar speeds and quality/longevity to more expensive options.
    will this work in my GL702ZC?a friend is going to give it to me after he gets a 4tb variant.

    Samsung 1TB 860 PRO SATA III 2.5" Internal SSD

    this will fill the space of my 1 TB HDD for my D Drive

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