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    Best ASUS router for gaming


    I am looking to replace my current router with a router that is made for gaming. *We have two Xbox ones [will get the new Xbox when I can find them] hardwired to the current router using cat5e cables. *Unfortunately, the router and cable modem [spectrum 400/20] are upstairs and the Xbox ones are downstairs. *one Xbox is using 75 ft cable and the other is using 100 ft cable. * *I don’t really need one for all the WiFi products because I have an orbi in AP mode hardwired to the router with the satellite**downstairs.

    We mainly play call of duty multiplayer and a lot of times we are gaming together. *We do get open nat but it seems like one person is pulling a better connection in the games than the other. *I’m not all that savvy with routers and which ones would be best.

    I appreciate any and all suggestions.

    Thank you.*

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