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    Exclamation Asus GTX 1080 8G Turbo RGB/Aura Problem

    I bought this gem last year, and downloaded the original AURA whatever software is from official site and it totally froze my PC.
    I only install drivers and I want to get rid of ASUS "flashlight" logo on it, cause this card has 1 cable input for power delivery not 2 as strix or other models.
    I have installed Accellero IV on it, and now the LOGO light is still there active and I don't know how to turn it off.

    GPU TWEAK LITERALLY FROZE MY PC EVERYTIME, so I installed Afterburner instead... I don't know if this is fixed or not. I just want this logo OFF without any downloadble programs that have to keep it off. Is it possible to do this???

    The downloaded software from official site here(doesn't work, it freezes my PC):

    OS Win10 PRO Original 64bit

    My PC specs are:
    CPU: i7 4770k@4.5ghz
    FAN: CoolerMaster Nepton 120 XL
    Case: Silencio 652S
    RAM:24GB RAM
    @CL9 2x8GB Mushkin Redline 2133Mhz+,1x8 GB Mushkin Blackline 2133Mhz
    HD: 240GB INTEL SSD,+120GB Kingston SDD+ 1TB WD Blue
    GPU: ASUS GTX1080 Turbo + Arctic Accelero Xtreme IV
    PSU: CS750M 80+ GOLD

    Monitor: ASUS VG248QE

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