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    R6E Intel VROC RAID1 W10 boot working for days then RAID1 boot array disappeared!

    After months of reading, trial and error with VROC keys, various NVMe storage, W7 & W10 testing;
    I configure a RAID1 VROC CPU storage array in the BIOS.
    Then when installing W10, I did an F6 driver install of Intel RSTe to allow Windows 10 to be installed on and boot from the Intel RAID1 VROC array.
    I used this setup for a few days, it appeared solid. I spent days installing & configuring software to create a useful desktop.

    This morning when I powered on the server, it entered the BIOS .vs booting Windows 10?
    When I checked the Intel VROC configuration, the RAID1 array was gone!
    The two Intel 7600p Pro NVMe are listed but no longer assigned to the array.
    Everything I’m using is on the Asus / Intel VROC approved list (CPU,NVMe,VROC key,X299/VROC/RSTe).

    What happened to the RAID1 array configuration in the BIOS!!!!!!!!!!!?

    Now what?
    Do I re-create the RAID1 VROC array in the BIOS?
    The BIOS states everything will be lost if I recreate the array.

    In the future, what happens if a BIOS update is done?
    Does the RAID array configuration get impacted?
    I assume no, because this would mean an OS re-install with every BIOS update.

    Any idea what caused the RAID1 array to be lost this time?
    Is this a known issue?

    Yes, I have a valid backup created using Paragon.
    I assume I can recreate the RAID1 array in the BIOS, boot the Paragon recovery media, load the RSTe drivers and recover to the prior state.
    I ask the questions above because I didn't expect to need this backup with a VROC RAID1 array.
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