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    asus zephyrus touchpad issues

    I just purchase an Asus Zephyrus laptop and although the touchpad is not the greatest, it's very problematic in games. I have the latest drivers all around as updated whats on the website. Shows the Asus precision touchpad drivers When I'm in games, and try to move around and turn at the same time, the touchpad doesn't work. So I'm holding down the "W" key to move forward, and trying to look left and right with the touchpad. It fails to turn until I stop moving. Plus a lot of times when I click the mouse buttons it doesn't work. The closest I got to it working is to disable the tap click, double tap, two and three and four finger gestures. Basically neuter the device. Plus set the sensitivity all the way to max. Then it's OK but still has times it fails to respond. Any thoughts on how to resolve this? I've tried some of the suggestions for different drivers but they don't seem to work. Should be noted in the device manager it shows a HID Mouse and in the Human Interface Devices it shows the Asus Precision Touchpad. I do not have any other mice installed by the way. Thoughts?



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