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    Case controlled RGB, seperate software controller Logitech RGB keyboard...

    I have a case. Mattrexx Deepcool 55. It has a hardware button (Individual Colors, Fade Cycle, Flash Cycle, Blend Cycle) and controller on the case with extra connectors to expand. None of this is controlled by any software. I have it looking good.

    Also have a Logitech G510 RGB programmable keyboard (LGS scripting LUA), and I am looking to sync this. But you know there is only one way if its even possible:

    Does anyone know the formula for ASUS Aurasync hardware RGB cycles? Like fade cycles work at a constant time, I wanna match this up.

    I am so close, but its just by eye. I cannot "reverse engineer" the color cycle but it is SO CLOSE. I KNOW it uses a standard deviant of time somehow. I can just tell.

    Does anyone know this? It would be time-oriented. (Like the total time of every color cycled, I could "port" this I am right there if I knew how it related to exact seconds, or I could derive this from the code that drives Aurasync)

    If not I understand. tldr I am triying to sync up an RGB software keyboard with a hardware only case.

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