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    "CPU Fan speed error detected". Any Ideas why this is popping up all a sudden?

    Had this system for just about 3 years now and never seen this warning start on booting the system up. However it occurred a few days ago without warning.

    Am getting the error of "CPU Fan speed error detected" on startup and only option I have to get into the system really is just to IGNORE the CPU fan speed in the MONITOR section of the BIOS. That doesn't seem like a real 'solution'.

    The *only* thing that has happened is that Windows did an update of the system the night before. Then all of a sudden its not getting any CPU FAN monitoring feedback. I don't know whether it previously did or not before.

    Right now the main fans that blow air through the top seem to be kicking in when doing 'normal' browsing tasks on Internet. Previously they only seemed to kick in if I was doing some kind of gaming or something for any period of time.

    I have looked at online videos of tear-downs and it seems the two main BIG fans are working - however does anyone know if there is a separate CPU fan thats also supposed to be working and detectable?

    Does anyone have any other possible suggestions on a full solution for this?

    Model: ASUS G20CB
    CPU: i7-6700 @ 3.40GHz.
    GPU: GeForce GTX 970

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