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Thread: USB Drivers

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    USB Drivers

    After doing a clean install ...

    1. Installed all drivers from original MoBo CD
    2. Did all Windows Updates
    3. Installed latest updates from Asus Web Site

    On every startup I get a popup window talking about iusb3mon.exe

    My question relates to the fact that I had not seen it before the clean install and if it's supposed to start, why does it need to ask my permission ? From what I have learned, it's not bothering anybody and my choices are:

    a) Uncheck the "Always ask before opening this file" box and let it do it's thing
    b) Uncheck the box on startup tab in msconfig so it doesn't launch at all
    c) Uninstall the bugger.

    Again, mostly just curious as to why I'm seeing it for the 1st time after fresh install.

    EDIT: My assumption was that these are startup items ... took option a) ... odd that never saw this om original build
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