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    Hit by Age - FanXpert 2

    Was time to do a OS Reinstall. I have gone in to rest all my fan curves:

    CPU Fan =>Water Pump No. 1
    CPU_OPT =>Water Pump No. 2

    CHA_1=> PCB 1 => Bottom 280mm Rad (Label in FanXpert2= "Bottom Rad")
    CHA_2=> PCB 2 => Top 420mm Rad (Label in FanXpert2= "Top Rad")
    CHA_3=> PCB 3 => Case Fans (Label in FanXpert2= "Case Fans")

    Previously I had them custom labeled in Fan Xpert 2 but danged if I can remember how I did it. Who is younger than me that remembers?

    EDIR: Nevermind ... ... Figgid it out; click on the question mark in the case image. Be nice tho if it was displayed in the lower display panel.
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