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    Question AIO losing pwr, GPU 100% Load On Pre Game Screens, CPU 40-60% Load With 3 Chrome Tabs

    On an Asus z390 strix-e gaming. I think my 650 power supply is being raped by my 9900k (it was running at 4700 ish default BIOS settings). My h100i v2 's rgb light was dimming and the fans connected to it (on the radiator) were turning off and on. The 9900k running wild with wattage is the only thing I can think of. That said I did a windows reset and that isn't happening anymore. I also turned off the turbo to be extra safe. But now my gtx 1080 g1 gaming is running at 95% - 99% load on the blackout deploy screen, that is, Before you even head into the game, and the fans on it are 1500+ rpm before I even open a program. I have 3 tabs open on chrome and my cpu is at 40% load, 3600-3611mhz clock speed.

    Once In Game the cpu goes between 90 and 100% load. Gpu goes between 85 to 100% load. Temps are solid though.... idk if that means that everything is ok? cpu stayed below 55C and gpu stayd bellow 65c.

    Maybe I'm just tripping and this stuff is normal? I never monitored the clock speeds and fan speeds and such untill this new build. I know for sure the Aio and fans connected to it aren't supposed to turn off. Thanks again if anyone can help. Sorry for the essay, super stressed about this issue. One more thing to note: I think everything went to **** when I used the auto "fan tunning" provided by AI Suite 3. But the problem persists after a windows reset (The aio is no longer turning on and off nor is the RGB on the AIO dimming/flickering, Thank the spaghetiman in the sky). Havent reinstalled AI SUITE 3.

    Here Is couple Videos Showing The Problems CPU Load With 3 Tabs And Some Monitoring Software (CAM, ICUE, Aorus Engine, Windows Task Manager) CPU Load With 6 Tabs And some Monitoring Software (CAM, ICUE, Aorus Engine,) Black Ops 4 99-100% Load Before Getting Into Match Not even loading in to the match. ((CAM, ICUE, Aorus Engine,)

    If i need to post some tests or something let me know what and how to do it. THANKS! Never had issues before so I dont know how to diagnose.
    Thanks In Advance For The Help Again!

    **update** CPU hitting 90+% with the same tabs open plus reddit. I should note that i used to maintain around 15+ tabs open for hours on end before the upgrades and never seemed to have isues.. .i could even play games while having those tabs open on a second monitor. Taht said... i havent crashed because of the high loads YET so maybe its all gravey.... but i am almost 90% sure my loads were not as bad as this before.
    My previous cpu and motherboard were: Core i7-6700K 4 GHz Quad-Core Processor, Asus - Z170-A ATX LGA1151 Motherboard.
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