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    Exclamation ROG Strix 2080 OC unstable with Q mode bios

    Hi to every ROG wizard out there.

    I recently purchased a Strix 2080 OC after my 980ti died. I left the GPU at Q mode at installation and clean installed the latest Nvidia drivers 417.35.
    After installing the GPU i noticed that games were randomly crashing.
    I decided to run Furmark to see if the GPU is unstable
    - with Q mode, Furmark would start artifacting at about 4-5 mins running and then will crash, the max GPU temps were usually around 72-75c
    - with P mode, essentially furmark can be left running for 1 hr + and no problems
    Both tests done with GPU left at factory speeds so 1860mhz on the core clock.

    my system specs are as below
    i7 4790k - stock speed with a noctua D15 cooler
    DDR3 Gskill 16gb 1600mhz
    maximus ranger VII mobo
    AX1000i psu
    Case is phanteks Evolv X with 4x noctua 140mm fans - crash with q mode happens whether or not i leave the fans at a quiet 600rpm, or full blast with the side panel and front panel open

    any ideas? could it be a faulty Q mode bios? Cannot find any download source in order to re-flash the Q mode bios.

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