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    Psychedelic Screen of Death? G73JH

    I've found a little about my current problem, and apparently some are calling it the Psychedelic Screen of Death.

    I was switching between a couple programs I think, and then half the screen is colored stripes and white, and the other half (the right half) had a rainbow effect. Restarting does not help, nor does resetting to the previous restore point. It's hard to test anything or try to fix it when you can only barely see half the screen.

    other then the screen being weird, it's working fine. I've read that this might be a cord lose. Is there any way to fix this? Or should I send it to ASUS for a fix? And if I do this, how do I go about getting it fixed? Asus's support section on the website seems quite buggy and I had trouble finding any useful information.

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    hurmm... what happens if you shake the notebook? do the colors change? i cant tell you exactly if this is due to the inverter or the cord to the lcd, but i would probably send it in...

    but just in case, did you try doing the gsod update?

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    RMA it. Don't even bother trying to fix it. There's a component in the panel that shorts when that happens.
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