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    Question ASUS Dual 2080ti - Fans max out @ 75c


    When the temprature reaches 75c on my card the fans start to behave really strange. The fans, 90% of the time fan1, starts to jump between normal usage and max. This keep going on for as long Im playing. The temprature stays between 72-76c when im gaming.

    I have had the card for 2 months and started to notice this behaviour the last couple of days.

    Ive tried reinstall drivers with DDU and tested older drivers. Even if i set a fan profile to never use more then i.e 70% of fans before 80c this is ignored.

    My solution so far has been to either lower the Power Target (%) or set the fans really high so I never reach 75c.

    Anyone have any idéa about this?

    An example image from GPU tweak.

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