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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinThyme View Post
    Just because some vendors are not educated very well doesn't change anything. That's like saying watching the trees go by out the window of your car is the same as a speedometer. One indicates movement, the other measures it.

    Flow indicator= simple hamster wheel.
    Flow meter = measurement of actual flow

    If you just want to see the hamster wheel moving then who is to argue your preference. Me, I want to know how much flow is actually happening as with a visual hamster wheel only that binds up and has jerky movement (they all do sooner or later) I cant tell if I'm pumping 5L/Hr or 500L/Hr. I bought the bitspower that is a flowmeter and has an output, still have it sitting on a shelf as a reminder of what not to do. To get it to move it takes and insert that chokes down the flow to create high pressure to get the hamster wheel to move. With the orifice out, the wheel doesnt move. With it in there is more flow from a gnats butt hole. The orifice chokes it down to less than half of a G1/4 fitting.

    I always as a rule of thumb check product specs to make sure there are no mistakes or marketing fluff because that happens a lot with everything. If its still not clear Ill contact the vendor before making the purchase and nail them down to guaranteeing what they have listed. Ive had some tell me they dont have the item and cant inspect it so they cant guarantee guess who doesn't get my business.If you cant stand behind what you sell, at least what its sold as then I refer to that as scamming.

    As for huge as digital display, I just took a close photo for clarity. Its much smaller than the TT meter you referenced about 2 inches long and 1 wide, not much different from the Rock you referenced at 1.5x1.5 inches and the build is far better than the TT contraption.

    No one is questioning your preference, just stating that the Rock is not a flow meter more for clarification of someone else that might look and think that based on your post that it is.

    I will say that the rock will not restrict flow like the bits power does as from I can see there are no orifices.
    I'm just stating a fact there naming conversion isn't always correct so call it what you want, Rock or Stone at the end of the day I do not care and as for you opinion I didn't ask for it, like I have said I don't want a digital meter as long as I can see its spin rate thats all I need its not rocket science.

    There are also some Flow indicator that have a RPM header so you can see the RPM of the spinner but like I said I'm happy with the basic.
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