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    GM501GS My hard drive doesn't show up in desktop or bios anymore

    My Zephyrus M is 3 month old and today the hard drive is not recognized anymore. It started with some recent games and when i was downloading large file, the hard drive happened to "dismount", it was not recognized, but when I restarded the computer it was showing up again.
    What do you think i can do ?
    Can I access the hard drive without losing guarentee (to try to clean, or see if something wrong) ?
    Do I need to send it back to asus ?
    I need my computer for work and I am looking for a quick solution.
    Thanks !

    Asus Zephyrus M GM501GS-EI003T
    SSD 256Go
    SSHD 1T
    16go Ram
    GTX 1070

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