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    Angry Suddenly there is no audio on my Asus ROG B360-H Motherboard

    I built this PC 2 months ago and everything worked fine except for today. Suddenly there is no sound and my system is not detecting any connected audio devices. Running the troubleshooter mentions that the audio peripherals have not been detected. Removing and reconnecting all of them does not work at all. It is only detecting my monitor as a speaker (when there is no speaker in my monitor). I am seeing 3 more devices with the same 'Digital Audio (HDMI)' name and all of them as 'Not plugged in'. I uninstalled the audio driver and then reinstalled from Asus website with no success. I even installed the older driver, still nothing. Also rebooted multiple times. I am not sure what is causing this.

    I was trying to install Ubuntu on my new SSD which failed as the error that I was getting was pretty weird. After this failed attempt, I am having this issue with audio. I am not sure how these 2 can be connected.

    My Rig:
    Asus ROG B360-H Motherboard
    Intel i5-8600
    16 GB RAM
    GTX 1070Ti

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