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    Skyrim SE Stuttering - ROG Strix Hero II GTX1060 6GB 16gb RAM Laptop

    I just purchased a new laptop a few weeks ago and am having a heck of a time trying to troubleshoot why Skyrim SE (and MSI Kombustor) keeps stuttering. I have tried changing settings in the nVidia control panel, turning vsync off, changing display from 144hz to 60hz, turning off Xbox Game Bar/DVR, rolling back nVidia drivers, and no matter what, when i am playing skyrim se it will start to stutter and lag for a few seconds, continue to play fine, then stutter and lag for a few seconds. I have tried playing an un-modded skyrim se on settings ultra to low and the stuttering still persists, just not as bad on low settings. Even during the MSI kombustor test i can see the lag/stuttering.

    Usually Skyrim SE plays 60 FPS, but then i can see it dip down to 15-25 FPS and for a few seconds everything is delayed and slow, i've played on an old PC at 15-25 FPS, this is different, like the whole PC is really being dragged to even run Skyrim SE. I am not sure if reinstalling windows would help, as i have had some other issues as well (mainly outdated drivers) that seem to be resolved but the game stuttering/lag. I am beginning to regret purchasing this laptop. I am unable to try any other game for a few days until i get back home (current internet is hideous for downloading anything).

    ROG Strix Hero II Laptop Specs:
    Intel i7-8750H @ 2.2ghz upto 3.9ghz
    16gb Ram
    GTX1060 6gb
    256gb PCIe NVMe ssd
    144hz IPS dispaly

    I figured this would be able to handle skyirm se flawlessly as my main Desktop has similar specs and runs a heavily modded skyrim se at 60FPS no problem (i7-8700K, ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero, 16gb RAM, and a GTX1060 6gb).

    Please help, i feel like i wasted $1400 on a junk gaming laptop that can't even enjoy smooth gaming.


    Since updating BIOS to new release of 307 (Asus ROG Strix Hero II BIOS) the stuttering issue has been corrected an am now able to finally play the game stutter free.
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