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    Zephyrus M - sound distortion, buzzing/rattling keys at certain frequencies

    I really liked this laptop. Marvelous design and performance for this size, but something spoiled my satisfaction.
    I noticed a strange buzz occurring from time to time. At first I thought the speakers are faulty, but it appears some keys are resonating at certain frequencies (the bigger keys - numpad "Enter", "+" , "-", "Enter", "Right Shift" and "Backspace". To a lesser extent - "Left Shift", "Caps Lock" and "Tab")
    I have not experienced that on any other laptop I have ever owned. Playing with the equalizer/balance/volume did not give satisfactory results, some buzz can be heard even on 25% volume.
    Currently the only thing which kinda "helps" is placing my hands on the resonating keys, which stops the buzz and allows me to enjoy Zephyrus' speakers in all their glory!
    Here is a link of a comparison between my Zephyrus M and my old laptop playing the same piece on 75% volume.

    Asus ROG is a synonym for a highest quality gaming gear, but still...
    1) Is this normal for this model, deemed acceptable considering all its other virtues?
    2) It is something which should be examined and fixed in a certified Asus service center?

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