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    Asus Tuf FX504GM Bad power throttling, Stuttering, Hard freeze

    Hello, i am having a big and annoying problem with my recently bought laptop , Asus Tuf FX504GM, with core i78750H and Gtx 1060 3gb.
    After having problems in games that do not need alot of computing power, problems like 1 second freeze random frame drops, i have come to some conclusions:
    The processor is almost constantly Power Throttling, the graphics card is not showing consistent frequency.
    So the TDP of the Cpu in load (at 50%) when it s being used in parralel with the graphics card, Is 25 WAtts.
    I mean really? I have payed for a 45 Watts cpu and when i am uising it in applications it only works at half the power. The temperature is around 70 degrees C, please don't tell me that you cannot allow more power to the CPU at that safe temperature. Better Temperature Throttling than powerthrottling.
    Basically you have put a very high end cpu on this laptop and i can only use half of it's power.
    In Assassin's Creed odyssey the Cpu is BOttlenecking the Gtx 1060.
    It's a shame that a very respectful company like Asus are doing this sort of things to their customers.
    Also i upgraded to bios version 306 and the same problem occurs.
    I could understand the 25 W limit if it could have been an utrabook, but this is a gaming laptop, and a 25 Watts CPu TDP is Very very dumb. Nowhere was it being shown that the CPu on this laptop is working at half the performance.
    THis laptop is not a Gaming LAptop while having these problems.
    I demand a fix and can someone please explain the changes being made in the Bios update 306? People want to know what u are up to, you know? I want to know what fix has been made in that update.

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