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    Strix 2080 and OC stability testing


    I'm redoing my Strix 2080 overclock with GPU Tweak II these days and I'm curious what are the better practices of stability testing this thing. I am at +90 core clock and +600 mem clock. When I run 3DMark Time Spy Extreme Stress Test, the test goes through fine but sometimes ends up below the 97% mark, at like 96%ish. Temperatures are <80C all the time and the card can surely go all the way to 88 if it wanted to. So maybe there's some sort of background notification coming in (got focus mode enabled) or some sort of update check during the test :\

    So my question is.. Is this stable and I can leave it there? Or is this unstable, will affect my gaming stability and frame rates, and I should move it down so I always get 97%+?

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