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    Lightbulb VG278Q - No Deep Sleep Option ? but Deep Sleep problem


    Just bought a brand new ASUS VG278Q to replace my BenQ XL2720Z (I had a black screen problem in specific situation due to firmware version, I decided to just to replace the screen with a similar one).

    Important note: I have a secondary screen (BenQ - HDMI)

    The problem: When Adaptative Sync/FreeSync is ON (activated) it seem that also the "Deep Sleep" option is ON.
    When I activate the Screen Sleep in windows (for 1 minute or 10 minutes it doesn’t matters) the secondary screen recover faster than the VG278Q, then the VG278Q recover.
    The result: all my windows previously placed on my second screen are moved to my main Monitor.

    The possible solution:

    I read a lot on this and I also had this exact same issue with the PG279Q (A friend provide me the screen for a couple of days of testing). The solution was to deactivate the Deep Sleep option.

    The real problem : the VG278Q doesn’t have any Deep Sleep option in the menu BUT I discover that when Adaptative Sync/FreeSync is OFF the problem disappeared too.

    Is that normal? Is it possible to reactivated the Adaptative Sync/FreeSync without reactivating the Deep Sleep?

    Thank you, have a good day !

    Nevr0se !

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