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Thread: AIMesh Slow?

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    AIMesh Slow?

    Picked up three GT-AC5300s, connecting to primary router, she's pretty fast, now I AI mesh the first route, and speeds never go past 300Mbit.........

    these are two great routers right now and they just don't work*

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    set up an AIMesh using a brand new GT-AC5300 Rapture and an RT-AC66U-B1 as the node. I only had it running for a short time before I became frustrated with the whole thing and removed it. Went back to using a Repeater instead of the AIMesh. The setup was easy, it worked as advertised but it killed my network speed both internally and from the Internet. I have a 300Mbps internet connection that I have always been able to get full speed from to my laptop (ROG G522 with Intel 7265 Wifi). As soon as the mesh was up and running the best I could do from ANY device in my home both wired and wireless was 130Mbps. My network speed from my laptop to my Server went from 75 MBps to 32 MBbs. I would have to conclude that the mesh setup may work but be aware that there are significant differences to you network speed if you use it. I was not aware it would be as bad as my tests have shown. Perhaps a newer router than the AC66U-B1 would give better performance but I won't spend any more time or money on it. My RE650 as a repeater works a lot better.
    I was informed by support that the best way to run the Mesh is to use a wired connection to the nodes. That kind of defeats what I was trying to do as there is no way to feed a wire to the node.
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