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    Xonar phoebus...problems

    Hello everyone.

    First I would like to telly you that your UNI drivers basicly saved myself as user of soundcard...currently I am using D2x and previusly I was on DX model. I was always having just problems with every other card and drivers...I could never trully get a 5.1 sound out of them and everthing always sounded distorted to hell. I am using a pretty high ened sound set consisting of Harman Kardon AVR 7000...a 24 kilo beast of a receiver from early 2000 and 5.1 speaker systems from Magnat...big florstanding speakers to be precise. and cervin vega sub. with uni drivers...xonard2x I am getting superb clear sound over toslink to receiver using DTS encoder. Everthing is crisp and clear.

    Lately I got my hands on Phoebus sound card and wanna used it to see how it would perform in games...if it is any better with 3d sound positioning...and it sounds like everthing else without your modded drivers...just muddy, unclear and for most of time eckoing like in a huge hall...and most of times only with 2 speakers....half of options in drivers dont do anthing...other half only makes things worse. it doesnt metter if I am using toslink or headphone jack using my sennheiser HDR175.

    I am now back with D2X but I am trully lost how basicly everthing related to sound cards is utter "****" pardon my language. Great specs but sound like from 1940s. I wonder if anyone knows how to properly set the phoebus to output clear sound wia toslink in 5.1 using either dolby or dts to my receiver without sounding like mix of trex with helicopter eckoing...on 2 speakers only. Or even better is there something similar like UNI drivers for phoebus out there that makes card usable. I am using windows 10 64 but and Maximus X code motherboard.

    I think many people experienced such problems as I do and I cant imagine going out putting down 200 eurs for card like phoebus and Creatives ZxR only to get hissing unfunctional mess of a sound that makes you afraid of basicly burning down your receiver. All I want is clear sound that simply works.

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