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    Asus GX502 reverse ghosting

    I have been struggling with this problem for over a year. I play a little, but when I do, when I start the game I get very nervous sometimes.
    Interestingly, there are games that are not susceptible to reverse ghosting, such as Ghost Recon Wildlands. This effect is practically not visible there. On a scale of 1 to 10, it's literally 1.
    But there are games like Anno 1800 where reverse ghosting totally destroys the graphics experience. The game is unreadable when moving the picture.
    I have already installed various versions of Windows 10 and various versions of drivers (nvidia), various versions of Asus software. The only thing I didn't do was voodoo magic.
    I even tried to change the LCD on my laptop but there is nothing but the defective AUO80ED on the market that fits to my GX502.

    Nothing works. Don't believe all the fixes that are supposed to work. NOTHING WORKS.
    The only thing you can do before buying a laptop - read on the forums if this problem affects a specific laptop model.
    Worse, however, it may not save you, there are models with different LCD`s from different suppliers ...
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    Mouse ROG Strix Carry Wireless-BT mouse
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    Headset/Speakers Realtek HD (ALC295)
    OS Windows 10 PRO x64
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    Yep, the problem is also that many users won't even notice it. I've found people with the issue clearly visible that didn't understand what I was talking about: some may think it's normal panel behaviour "because has low latency"... but it's not of course. Is actually a poor display manufacturing defect, and ASUS should have at least tuned them better. But it looks like even ASUS QA didn't notice the defect... sigh

    In the end I got used to it and I just ignore it (the side effect could even be benign in some cases: looks like a sort of special software blur adding increased definition to 3D objects borders while moving the cam, because of the dark extra outline it adds as a side-effect)

    Example (Italian language notes, but I think is clear enough from the pic itself):
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