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    Make a copy of your eSupport Folder before formating your OS drive!

    This has been repeated many times, retain a copy of your eSupport Folder before you wipe your OS. Be smart, one of the first things a new owner should do is place a copy of this folder on a USB drive or DVD and save it in a safe place.

    If for what ever reason your OS is broken, a much easier recovery can be made if you had a copy of the eSupport Folder. The contents of this folder can NOT be completely replaced from programs and drivers on the ASUS Download Center. Some of the software within the eSupport Folder does not belong to ASUS. ASUS pays a vender for its' use. This means the software has the ability to authenticate your laptop before it can be loaded.

    The ASUS Installation Wizard (AsInsWiz.exe), found within the eSupport Folder is what should be used to install/reinstall the programs and drivers that were originally found on your laptop. This means, with a newly installed copy of Windows, the next thing you will want to do is take your USB or DVD that you placed a copy of the eSupport Folder and copy the folder to your laptop and run the ASUS Installation Wizard.

    The Wizard program is flexible, you don't have to install everything. Install what you like.

    Now a nasty Windows Update comes along and suddenly one of these ASUS programs quits working. The repair is easy, return to the eSupport Folder and simply reinstall the program. What's happening of late is the Windows Update is trying to substitute its' own driver for one provided by ASUS, this doesn't always workout. Restoring the program from the eSupport Folder usually will fix the problem.

    As time goes by, you find updates for some of your original programs on the ASUS Download Center, so you update to the latest program or driver. That's OK. Accomplish the update correctly and then test your program or driver for functionality. If it fails, resort to the original program or driver within the eSupport Folder.

    I have updated all but three ASUS programs on my laptop using updated programs I found on the ASUS Download Center.

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