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    ROG Centurion not loud enough at max volume settings, 7.1 not precise as before

    Hello everyone,

    I am from Croatia and I am writing this due to a BIG problem that I have with my ASUS ROG Centurion 7.1 gaming headset. So...I bought them in the October, 2018. Yes, I know that they were release few years ago. But they came in Croatia in 2017. Never mind... First of all I have to admit that they are one of the best headset that I ever had... Sound quality is on another level, built quality as well, sound precision is like I have wall hacks, they are so precise that enemies thinks I am using wall hacks. Not a single problem as you can see... And after 1 month of using it, problems came to me... true 7.1 sound started to be unprecise as ****, volume is quiet at max settings etc... PLEASE HELP ME, I reinstalled windows 10, reinstalled software for headset, reinstalled EVERY SINGLE THING and they are still not working as before. What should I do? I got 2 year warranty (still have 1 year and more then 6 months of warranty on them) So I decided to ask you guys what should I do? Anyone had same problem, what I can do... PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

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